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Dynamic Dialogue

For this project, using only typography in motion and graphical elements, the challenge is to bring 30 seconds of dialogue from any movie, show, etc. to life with composition, typography, and animation.

Chosen Art

To begin with this project, I had the creativity to choose any scene from any show, movie, video, etc. At this time, I started to hear a lot about HBO's most popular tv show called Euphoria. After reviewing a couple scenes from the show, I knew I had a lot of artistic visions in order to make my graphic elements come to life with this show.

Offical Euphoria Logo.png

Selected Scene

Speaking of scenes, after looking through several, one that stood out to me the most is on Season 2 Episode 3: Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys. Beginning approximately 37 minutes and eight seconds, the scene begins with a group of girls discussing a forthcoming performance and how one girl is dressed up for a boy, but the main character believes she is in the play based on her attire. More girls arrive and are confused to why she is dressed up and prompts her to have a meltdown about said boy.


I have transcribed the dialogue between these characters after rewatching this scene. I began my creative process by analyzing each character in depth based on their emotions, facial expressions, and conversational volume. With this knowledge, I am able to articulate the graphic aspects I must employ while depicting animation texts. For typefaces, I utilized the euphoria cover logo font to disperse the regular volume level among each character, and depending on whether the character was yelling or escalating their voice, I utilized thicker fonts with shaking effects.

Final Video

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