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From Another Planet

For this project, I was hired to create a intergalactic logo for a photography brand named From Another Planet by filmmaker, Zach Chechile.

When beginning this project, the client sent me several reference photos to give an idea of the goal for the specific style they want for their logo. These references are old futuristic science fiction movie posters and magazines. I then saw a common pattern with the typefaces in every image. They are using big bold typefaces with some having an elegant style and others having a comic style.



I first brought my creative thinking into ProCreate and came up with four ideas to start off with.



Upon presenting my preliminary sketches, the client demonstrated a clear comprehension of the creative trajectory I was pursuing. However, they persisted in amplifying the audacity of the typography to more effectively align with their brand identity. Subsequently, I proceeded to engage with Adobe Illustrator in order to further advance the design process, thereby generating a total of eight distinct iterations as per the client's specific requests.

Finals w/ Mockup

The initial drafts garnered the client's admiration; nevertheless, they expressed a desire for further modifications. Specifically, they requested a design reminiscent of the iconic Star Wars credit scene, characterized by an elegant and bold aesthetic, with an increased incorporation of comic elements. Utilizing the invaluable feedback received, I successfully refined and consolidated my initial drafts into a collection of five comprehensive logos that impeccably catered to the discerning requirements of the esteemed client. The client expressed great enthusiasm regarding the five outcomes, opting to retain each one for distinct purposes within their professional pursuits.

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