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I was challenged to balance imagery with type design for this project. The name of this project is Environmental Letterform. I was asked to compose a story using scenery and the sensations of a given typeface while using a specific font.

K Space

Selected Typeface


I decided to use an old style classic named Bembo for my chosen typeface. Bembo is a serif typeface designed by an Italian typeface designer named Francesco Griffo that is widely used as body text. The changes in the baseline, as well as the wide sterns and ascender lines, are what drew my attention to this typeface. When viewed in large scale, it takes on its distinct shape, making it stand out. 


To further distinguish the chosen typeface from its surroundings, I drew inspiration from nature and architectural design. I've always been inspired by nature and the notion that any location may serve as a home for many.


Final Pictures

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