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Masculine Vulnerability

I was determined to produce an article issue for a new upcoming issue on a magazine titled Scene + Heard and I selected to write about masculine vulnerability. Throughout this journey, I've developed a distinctive visual style to convey the essence of what masculine vulnerability means to me and how it has shaped my life.

Scene + Heard

The Lesley Art + Design magazine examines what it means to be an Artist + Designer in 2018 through a subjective and objective viewpoint. The publication's launch unveiled and promoted the college's newly-branded, student-designed visual identity - LA+D - while giving a voice to the professional Art + Design community that needs to be SCENE + HEARD.

- Art Direction

- Branding

- Editorial Design

- Photography

- Print Production

Rough Drafts

When producing these pieces for the first time, I began researching and identifying through text and other factors what masculine vulnerability is. I experimented with displaying masculine vulnerability through small elements by utilizing a variety of typefaces and experimenting with hierarchy. ​

Vulnerability Elements

When considering how I could disseminate the various facets of vulnerability in males, I began to record my personal thoughts on how men's perceptions of vulnerability can reveal despair and fear. Through these components, I am able to disperse my own interpretations of masculine vulnerability throughout a full spread.

Final Drafts

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