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( Senior Capstone )


As I finished my last semester at Lesley University, I took a 2 year long semester course called Design Senior Studio.

The first half of this course focuses on developing an independent voice as a designer and generating portfolio materials.


As part of the construction of a professional graphic design portfolio, existing projects are evaluated, refined, and expanded. We also concentrate on framing and presenting works in the context of professional problem-solving and situations outside of the classroom. We will learn how to pinpoint a specific area of interest and begin research and development for an autonomous design project that will be finished in the second half of the semester.


The final part of the course was dedicated to creating, producing, and presenting a large independent design project based on study and planning.

Portfolio Plan

For the first step, we went into our portfolios and learned how to organize and refine our works when comparing them to each other. This exercise is designed to help us learn more about our work. It aids us in planning how we will approach the work that must be done on our projects in the coming semester.

Capstone Research

As we now jump onto the capstone, the assignment was to research around 3 to 5 topics for our capstone relating to our portfolio. On the image (left), I laid out an organized collage with each section having the date of when I worked on a specific topic each week and me selecting a topic that stood out to me the most. 


As soon as I had settled on a subject to start working on for my capstone project, I set about organizing a presentation slide (right) that detailed the scope of my capstone project and the things I plan to work on in the future upon completion.

Capstone Project
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